Del Valle- Tem fruta na caixinha

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Del Valle- Tem fruta na caixinha

Del Valle- Tem fruta na caixinha

Discover the enchantment of “Fruit in the box” by Del Valle!

Imagine opening a Del Valle juice box and finding not only the incomparable flavor but also the promise of a future filled with life and health. We’re excited to announce that now, along with your favorite juice, you’ll receive selected fruit seeds to plant at home.
Planting your own fruits has never been so easy and thrilling! By getting a Del Valle juice box, you’re embarking on a journey beyond the simple pleasure of savoring natural juice. You’ll be cultivating nature at home, harvesting the fruits of your effort, and creating unforgettable memories.

Client: Coca-Cola Brasil
Agency: FLAG.CX (Pong Dinasty)

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